Prevention is better than treatment


In the past decades, there has been a sharp decrease in accident-related death and injury rates. The good results of prevention campaigns encourage us to renew our efforts in this respect. Campaigns insist on what have proved to be successful safety strategies: keeping cars in good condition, driving safe cars, buckling up seat belts, sticking to speed limits, and avoiding alcohol consumption when driving. Improving safety in the workplace and using protective gear in sports can also reduce the risk of head injury dramatically. – * Video owned by the Spanish Neurological Society

Obesity, blood pressure, and smoking are all major risk factors for stroke. This is why healthy eating and lifestyle habits need to be taught from an early age. For more information, you can watch the video below, which contains the stroke prevention guidelines we use in our Service to help people reduce the risk of a first stroke or a second one if they have had a stroke in the past.